Blue Prism Agreement

Blue Prism Group plc is responsible for the automation of robotics processes (RPA) that allows blue chip organizations to create a digital staff powered by the company`s software robots, trained in automating office office tasks in the back office. The company is in the process of obtaining licenses for the provision of software licenses when the agreement of a legally binding contract between the company and its customers is concluded. She is also active in professional services and training for which the client needs advice or training on the basis of projects. It offers an execution platform for artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive technologies. Enterprise quality software automates manual, rule-based administrative processes to create a back office. It operates in Manchester and London (United Kingdom), as well as in Miami, Chicago, New York and San Francisco (USA). Blue Prism Limited and Blue Prism Software Inc. are the company`s subsidiaries. You can log on to our homepage, as long as you do so in a fair and legal manner and that you do not damage our reputation or do not enjoy it. They must not create a link in such a way as to propose some form of association, approval or approval on our part, if there is none.

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These conditions were last updated on September 13, 2018. You are not allowed to use the site or content for your own commercial benefit, nor try to do so, and you cannot reproduce the website, content or anything from any website, or reproduce the site. You can print or download items from the website or content only for offline verification or archiving purposes. Blue Prism Group says Alastair Bathgate will resign as vice president and chief executive officer, non-executive Senior Independent Director Blue Prism is a scalable and robust platform with ready-to-use connections for AI and first-class cognitive technologies.