Canada Social Security Agreement With India

Doug. I was born in Canada, moved to Europe at a young age and had my first professional experience in Italy from 1981 to 1984, 3 and a half years. Then he returned to Canada and has been working here ever since. Can I transfer the years of work to Italy to Canada to be part of my QPP (i.e. Quebec)? If not, do I have other options? Where a person is not entitled to a benefit on the basis of the time frames set out in the legislation of the contracting states, which are accumulated in accordance with Article 12, the effectiveness of that benefit is determined by the consonance of these rebates and the eligible deadlines made in accordance with the legislation of a third country, to which the two States Parties are bound by the social security instruments that provide for the merging of periods. If you sponsor your parents for 10 years, they cannot get social assistance. Is GIS considered social assistance? So they have to wait 10 years before they pass the sponsorship contract before getting giS? Hello Dev – I still don`t think the two-year period will count as a Canadian residence, but you can check with Service Canada to see what they think. I visited Asia for four months, but when I went there, someone in the family got sick and was diagnosed with malignant cancer, I have to be there. I completed my income tax return as a Canadian resident through Hi Joe – the agreement allows you to meet the 20-year requirement for payment of the OAA outside of Canada, but the amount of your OAS is based solely on residence in Canada, which is 15/40th of $600 -$225 per month. The agreement can also help you obtain a lump sum payment from the Indian Employees` Provident Fund Scheme, 1952, and the Employees` Deposit-Linked Insurance Scheme, 1976. It can also help you get a lump sum refund of your EPS contributions if you still don`t have enough time to get an EPS pension after you combine your EPS periods with eligible periods in Canada. If you lived in Canada or participated in the Canada Pension Plan and participated in the Workers` Pension System in India in 1995 (EPS), this agreement can help you qualify for the following countries: If you are a widow, widower, child or person entitled to a person who has contributed to the Canada pension plan and the EPS, the pension plans of both countries, this agreement can help you qualify for this: on this basis, if he has contributed for at least 7 years to his pension in Brazil, which does not overlap with his length of stay in Canada, should he not be entitled to receive his benefits from the OAS , including the OAS allowance that must be paid from 60 to 64 years of age, even if it did not have a small majority of the time has in the country? The competent authority of India and a province of Canada may enter into agreements on all social security issues within the provincial jurisdiction in Canada, as long as these agreements are not inconsistent with the provisions of this agreement.

I emigrated from France in 1957 with my parents, I am now 78 years old, I worked in France from 14 to 17 years. I have dual nationality. That`s my question. Can I receive an old-age pension in France, since I only worked for 3 years? I understand that my employer has died in France since then and that no registration of the job has been registered/destroyed since then. Tom – Each stay in Canada is taken into account on the exact number of years/month/days, and then added up to get your total number of years. It becomes very difficult if someone has several exits/entries with little proof, but do his best and good luck. If you do not comply with the 20-year rule based exclusively on your residence in Canada, you can still abide by the Canada-U.S. agreement using your long-term stay in the United States, so all you`re really talking about is receiving 18/40th or 21/40th of the OAS. I applied for the OAS and the CPC (with a German request), but I fear I was rushed with the OAS request. I chose that the OAS start as soon as possible and I heard that it was not possible to get the full OAS if it meant “as soon as possible” that less than a year later d