Assignment Of Intellectual Property Rights Agreement

The assignment of intellectual property rights confers on the buyer the ownership and, therefore, the right to use the intellectual property. With respect to trademarks, patents, copyrights and designs, the assignment must be made in writing to be effective. Commercialization of intellectual property: assignment agreements If you want to assign intellectual property rights in the context of an employment relationship, for example. B of an employee or consultant at the company for which they work, the corresponding clauses are included in our employment contract and our consulting contract. If you have already used these documents, you may not need a separate transfer of intellectual property rights. If you are not sure, we advise you to get legal advice before proceeding. For patents: an assignment involves the sale and transfer of ownership of a patent by the assignor to the assignee. The assignment of intellectual property rights allows the seller to be paid for the intellectual property rights and the buyer is free to market (or “value” the intellectual property) for any purpose. Intellectual property includes patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, corporate assets and know-how rights and confidential information (including trade secrets). The owner of intellectual property rights may transfer all or part of his rights – for example. B the copyright owner could only assign part of his economic prerogatives.

The transfer of intellectual property rights is made against the payment of a lump sum or a royalty. The assignment of intellectual property is a transfer of an owner`s rights, ownership and interest in certain intellectual property rights. The assigning party (“Assignor”) transfers ownership of intellectual property rights such as patents, trademarks, industrial designs and copyrights to the party (“secession”) Please describe the rights to be transferred as clearly and precisely as possible. The transfer of ownership cannot be effective if the description is not sufficiently precise or sufficiently clear. If you have any uncertainties, please consult a legal advisor. For copyright: an assignment is a transfer of the economic rights of the copyright owner. Unlike economic copyright rights, intellectual property rights cannot be sold or transferred to another person (copyright personality rights are the right to be identified as the authors of the work or to object to derogatory treatment or distortion or mutilation of the work to protect the personality and reputation of the authors). Unlike licensing agreements that grant, under certain conditions, permission to exploit intellectual property, assignments are generally transfers of property rights without conditions for the exploitation of rights.

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