Housing Authority Malta Rental Agreement

The new law is expected to enter into force from 2020. Until then, you can count on our Maltese lawyers to conclude rental contracts under the legislation in force. The main laws to be respected when entering into a lease in Malta are contained in the Civil Code and consist of: can a tenant declare a lease? Yes, tenants can report a rental agreement through this site. What are the responsibilities of tenants? Tenants must give themselves a strict notice period if they wish to terminate a long-term lease. What new obligations are the owners responsible for? Owners are legally required to declare private rental contracts within 10 days. Contracts and the deposit must be declared to the housing authority. What should the lease be made of? The rental agreement should state: -Item details -The duration of the rental and if and how it can be renewed. -An inventory of the z.B property. Furniture and appliances available and their current condition -Rental amount and deposit fee -Use as agreed The Private Residential Rental Agreements Act (Cap. 604 of the Laws of Malta) (“Act”) has been drafted in such a way as to provide for greater bias in favour of tenants vis-à-vis landlords. This is what the legislator wanted to do to intervene in a desperate rental market, with rental prices soaring in a relatively short period of time. Interventions on market dynamics are always a complex issue and no system that does so is perfect.

The purpose of this guide is not to comment on the validity or invalidity of the law, but to provide a useful guide for landlords and tenants who want to understand and navigate Malta`s private accommodation rental laws….