The Diamond Agreement

Does the Diamond agreement offer guaranteed availability? Yes. “Once aboard a private jet, you have more personal space and the latest golf currents can completely fill the cabin air in minutes, so you don`t breathe in the abandoned air.” “After and from Australia, the main destinations are the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, China, Indonesia and Singapore,” says Hardman. “On-demand or ad hoc charters offer no-obligation flexibility, although the downside is that there`s no guaranteed availability on a given day if you wish, and the prices are different for each trip.” “The Diamond Agreement is therefore an industry-leading product with industry-leading awards.” “So if you take the positive of the on-demand card and the jet card and put them together, that`s really what we offer.” Do you want 50 hours aboard this Global 5000? This is just one of Qatar Executive`s private jet models that are available in the offer. Qatar Airways. . Qatar Executive currently operates a fleet of 18 private jets and includes Gulfstream G650ER, Gulfstream G500 and Global 5000 aircraft. It is the first customer of Gulfstream`s flagship jet, the Gulfstream G700. Qatar Airways` private charter arm adds a tailor-made plan for business jets. As explained in the article, the price depends entirely on the specific needs of the customer, so it was not possible for Qatar Executive to indicate even an indicative figure. “We`re one of the top five VIP jet operators in Australia and from there you see about five to ten flights in an average month.” Through this program, Qatar Executive guarantees unparalleled services aboard its state-of-the-art fleet of 18 private jets, including the Gulfstream 650ER, Gulfstream G500 and Global 5000. Qatar Executive is also the proud starting customer of Gulfstream`s latest flagship, the G700, which will add to Qatar Executive`s fleet an unprecedented combination of power, technology and cabin size.

“The private jet is a more reassuring way to travel in these times,” hardman says. . . .