South Carolina Rental Purchase Agreement Act

`consumer lease` means a contract for the use of personal property by a natural person, mainly for personal, family or household purposes, for an initial period of four months or less (whether or not an obligation exists beyond the initial period) which can be renewed automatically with each payment and which allows the consumer: To become the owner of the property.   The term does not include a sale of consumer credit within the meaning of article 37-2-104, nor a consumer credit within the meaning of article 37-3-104, nor the refinancing or consolidation thereof, nor a rental of consumers within the meaning of article 37-2-106 of the REALTORS® have the ethical duty to recommend to the parties to seek legal assistance to obtain the rental contract (p.   By definition, the rental of property exceeds four months, while a lease obligation applies for an initial period of four months or less and is automatically renewed with each payment.   Unlike hire-purchase agreements, the concept of lease does not include “sales of consumer credit” under the SCCPC.   See S.C.Code Ann. § 37-2-701 (6) (1989);  Cf.   S.C.Code Ann § 37-2-105 (4) (1989) (definition of “sale of property” in a leasing situation). (3) the assumption of responsibility for the property by the tenant, subject to the holiday rental contract. The Scr310 contract warns the parties about leasing issues and reservations under the SC Vacation Rentals ACT. There is a good way to make one of these agreements and, unfortunately, many bad ways to take them.